Festival Team

Dr Holly Luhning


Dr Holly Luhning is the Director of the Surrey New Writers Festival and a Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey. She is a poet and a novelist, and occasionally a non-fiction writer. Originally from rural Canada, she now lives in London.

Rachel Marsh


Rachel is the Assistant Festival Director and a Doctoral candidate in creative writing with the University of Surrey. Rachel’s thesis investigates the creation of satire as a socio-political discourse. Rachel has been teaching literature and writing in the UK and the US for 15 years.

Alison Stubley


Alison Stubley is a School Administrator and an integral part of the New Writing Festival Team, where she leads on marketing, internal communications, and pre-Festival organisation. However, this is only second to her primary career as a mum to three gorgeous girls, which includes a lot of swimming, playing netball, doing hockey runs, cooking, tidying, cleaning, washing, and ironing. She works part time at Oxfam Guildford where she also sorts, cleans and tidies.

Rachel and Holly
2017 New Writers Festival